My Friday Find!


stopped by the local Goodwill today and found this wall art for a dollar! I filled her with water, hung her on the shed and added a few flowers from the garden. She's pretty amazing in my book...chip on the nose and all!  You know what they man's trash...Happy Friday! 

ESoD at the Rochester Public Market!


If you live in the Rochester New York area and are looking for a few great treasures, stop by the Rochester Public Market for its garage sale days. Open every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm.  So much fun! 

Below are a few pictures from my booth... happy decorating!

Froggy Love

Nautical Love


Is it summertime yet? After a long winter I'm more than ready to head to the ocean for some smooth sailing. I typically stick to home furnishings and accessories, but couldn't resist including some fun nautical-inspired fashion. I'm in a nautical state of mind today. Enjoy!  

Striped Captain Blazer

keds for kate spade new york pointer sneaker

Level 99 Sailor Wide-Legs

Puppy Love


So my current dog statue/figurine obsession all started a couple of weeks ago when I went over to my neighbor's house and noticed her antique Hubley cast iron Boston Terrier doorstop sitting in a corner. It was love at first sight and now I am on the hunt for my very own. Well, perhaps someday when I'm wealthy and all I will indulge and purchase one!

Anyways, the Hubley doorstop opened my eyes to all different types of puppies - large, small, cast iron, porcelain...all vintage, of course! I was so inspired that I had to create a Pinterest board just to keep track - enjoy!

P.S. Don't get me wrong - I adore collections. However, I do feel that one dog figurine or statue makes for an amazing conversation piece in your home. I say this with caution - one dust collector dog, not 100!

Owl Love You Forever...


Valentine's Day. Yeah, I said it, the V-Day word. If you give a hoot about love, show it by forgoing the ordinary red roses and give your loved one an adorable vintage owl.

Affix a tag that says "Owl love you forever." Cute, I know.

Here are a few owls (with more to come) for sale in my Etsy shop.

Owl Creamer Pitcher and Sugar Bowl Set

Owl Creamer Pitcher

Ode to the Ornament


A couple of weeks ago, I unwrapped all of my vintage Christmas ornaments (I'm addicted to all things vintage) and hung them on my freshly cut tree. I have a pretty good mental inventory of them so when my favorite ornament from the previous year was nowhere to be found, this silly poem came to me. I bet you all have a few great holiday ornaments that have sadly "departed" over the years.

Ode to the Ornament
Vintage glass ball of beauty…
Where did you go?
I’m sure I stowed you away last year
Wrapped you up
Tight and snug in colorful tissue paper...
Yet you are nowhere to be found
Think, think, recall…
That’s right…darn…
I forgot about last year...
When I plucked you off of the Balsalm Fir
Clumsily dropped you onto the hardwood...
You shattered into tons of slivers and chunks
Piercing shards of glass everywhere...
I mourned your broken state for a moment
Swept you from the crevices in the floor
Even contemplated how I might glue you back together again…
I dumped you into the garbage
and watched your pieces disappear into the hilly refuse…
Oh how I will miss you glass ball of beauty
I hope to find another just as vintage and dazzling as you…
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